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Winter is coming ....

Here are some tips to prepare your roof for winter:

1. Clean the gutters and downspouts: Remove any leaves, debris, or other obstructions that may clog the gutters and prevent water from properly draining. This will help prevent ice dams and potential damage to your roof.
2. Inspect the roof for damage: Check for any loose or damaged shingles, flashing, or seals. Repair or replace any damaged areas to ensure that your roof is in good condition and can withstand the winter weather.
3. Trim overhanging tree branches: Trim any tree branches that are close to or touching your roof. This will help prevent damage from falling branches and reduce the risk of leaves and debris accumulating on your roof.
4. Check for proper insulation and ventilation: Adequate insulation and ventilation in your attic can help prevent ice dams and minimize heat loss from your home. Make sure your attic is properly insulated and that vents are clear of obstructions.
5. Remove snow from the roof: After heavy snowfall, use a roof rake to safely remove snow from your roof. This will help prevent excessive weight and reduce the risk of ice dams forming.
6. Prevent ice dams: Install ice and water shield underlayment along the eaves of your roof to prevent water from seeping under the shingles and causing damage. You can also install heat cables to help melt snow and ice on your roof.